What's SIMCO?

What is the meaning of SIMCO? S means Spring, I means Industry, M means Machinery, and CO means Company. This is the original intention of our simple thoughts. After many years and market sales, we have changed many times in order to make SIMCO customers better. Customers trust SIMCO, and SIMCO also echoes this trust positively.

TAIWAN SIMCO COMPANY was the SIMCO spring machine company in the 1980s. Before 2016, SIMCO was the most representative company in Taiwan's spring machine industry!

In the spring industry, SIMCO has spent about 40 years operating "spring"! From raw materials to products, from equipment to manufacturing. This also makes SIMCO a leader in the industry, providing customers with the most professional and complete solutions!

After 1990, with the rise of China spring machine, SIMCO naturally spared no effort to participate in this period of China’s growth, and has been deeply cultivated in China for more than two decades, not only has made outstanding contributions to China’s equipment manufacturing system, also the biggest gain is completeness. As a result, SIMCO has a deeper understanding and participation in the production equipment industry.


Since 2010, in the face of competition from emerging Chinese companies, SIMCO has gradually focused on the key technology of precision machining, which has also improved SIMCO’s physique many times. When many industries are gradually leaving Taiwan, SIMCO is still standing.

Since 2015, due to customers’ recognition of SIMCO’s service and trust, SIMCO has also begun to gradually transform under the guidance of customers. SIMCO is not only limited to the spring industry, but also opened up new businesses and new horizons. In terms of its richness, we provide more diverse products and services to our customers.

In 2020, SIMCO officially changed its name to TAIWAN SIMCO COMPANY. The removal of the Spring machine does not mean that SIMCO has left the spring industry, but redefines SIMCO, no longer limited to Spring business only, just  in order to  provide more diverse and richer product resources to our customers.

The name TAIWAN SIMCO COMPANY is SIMCO’s expectation for the future, in order to provide customers with better services. We are a company that has been deeply engaged in Taiwan and a company that has experienced in the Chinese market. It is always better than yesterday for a better SIMCO, everything is to respond to customers' expectations and trust in.

Maintaining a positive attitude towards the future, TAIWAN SIMCO COMPANY will always Say Yes to the future!!