Machine Construction

Materials of the structure in the good quality and all necessary heat treatment without neglect make tolerance less than 0.01 mm in high-speed production for the garter spring coiler, and make success rate more than 99.9% for the joint machine. Both machines are all built in Taiwanese control system for achieving optimum working in operation.


Customized Specification

For the less than 20 mm or more than 300 mm of free length, the joint machine can be customized, also with a user-friendly design, the high-speed automatic payoff (decoiler), safety cover, etc. satisfy any special requests.

Garter Spring Machine










Spring category

Garter Spring

Joint Spring


Garter Spring MachineGS-07GS-210GS-216
Wire diameter (mm)0.18-0.70.2-1.00.4-1.6
Spring O.D (mm)0.9-6.50.9-7.52.0-9.5
Feeding speed (m/min)50100100
Dimension (mm)880 X 880 X 1530950 X 1050 X 1470
1380 X 980 X 1680
Weight (kgs)350380850
Joint MachineJM-100JM-135JM-300T
Spring O.D (mm)1.0-3.51.0-3.51.5-4.0
Free length (mm)20-10080-13580-300
Production speed (ppm)40-12040-12040-60
Dimensions (mm)800 X 1000 X 1200800 x 1000 x 12001030x920x1530
Weight (kgs)310310330
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