• User friendly interface with 17"touch screen / icon display.
  • Operation mode: Manual, Semi-Auto, Fully-Auto, Single-Bend.
  • Under Auto mod, 3D tube graphic indicates current bending section by different color block.
  • 3D Bending Process Simulation (Optional) directs bending process in advance to avoid unnecessary waste.
  • Mirror Function enables users to get the symmetrical shape immediately.
  • Reverse function enables users to get the reverse shape immediately.
  • Power loss safeguard & dual hard disk synchronized data backup to prevent data loss.

Tube Bending Machine



Model TB-160TB-250TB-380TB-500TB-650TB-800TB-1000TB-1300
Max Tube ODMild steel (mm)D16 x 1.5TD25.4 x 2.0TD38.1 x 2.0TD50.8 x 2.5TD63.5 x 3.0TD76.2 x 3.0TD101.6 x 3.5TD127 x 4.0T
 Stainless (mm)D12 x 1.5TD22 x 1.5TD32 x 1.8TD45 x 2.0TD50.8 x 2.0TD65 x 2.5TD90 x 2.0TD114 x 3.0T
 Rectangle pipeD12 x 1.2TD22 x 1.2TD32 x 1.8TD45 x 2.0TD50 x 2.5TD63 x 3.0TD90 x 2.0TD100 x 3.0T
Max Draw Bending Radius 90120150200250350400450
Max Bending Angle 200200200200200190190190
Max Effective Mandrel Length 10001500200025003000350040004500
Machine dimension (mm) 2700 x 1250 x 17003500 x 1300 x 17004200 x 1500 x 17005100 x 1600 x 17006000 x 1700 x 17006300 x 2150 x 17007500 x 2000 x 220010000 x 2200 x 2750
Machine weight (kgs) 1200140022004500500080001100013000
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