• All Electric-Servo Control
  • Right-hand & Left-hand Bending in "One" process
  • Auto Tooling Positioning Function
  • PC-Based Control
    3D tube profile can be shown immediately when editing YBC program to help users.

    Under Auto mod, 3D tube graphic indicates current bending section by different color block.
    3D Bending Process Simulation(Optional) directs bending process in advance to avoid unnecessary waste.
  • sBend Software
    Fast Workpiece Parameter Acquisition:.dxf / .step files can be converted to Y.B.C data.
    3D Workpiece Preview:Read-time 3D workpiece preview is acquired while Y.B.C data is programming.
    3D Bending Simulation:Workpiece bending process can be previewed and verified in advance to prevent the waste.


Max Tube OD Ø25.4 x 1.5TØ30 x 1.5Ø38 x 1.5TØ38 x 1.5TØ50.8 x 2.5T
Max Draw Bending Radius(mm)
Max. Effective Distance of Mandrel (mm)
 1500 mm1500 mm2000 mm2000 mm2500
Max Bending Angle 180°180°180°190°190°
 Feeding (mm/sec)11001000150010301000
Electric-Servo SpeedRotation (degree/sec)750°750°750°450°200°
 Bending (degree/sec)450°400°250°125°110°
 Feeding (mm)±0.05±0.05±0.05±0.05±0.05
Electric-Servo AccuracyRotation (degree)±0.05 °±0.05 °±0.05 °±0.05 °±0.05 °
 Bending (degree)±0.05 °±0.05 °±0.05 °±0.05 °±0.05 °
Radius difference(mm) 2025456560
Power 11 Kw13.2 Kw17.15 Kw26.7 Kw41.1
Machine dimension(mm) 3300 x 1300 x 13003600 x 1730 x 12504300 x 1800 x 15004250 x 1200 x 15005200 x 1600 x 1900
Machine weight(kg) 1,3501,8002,2004,0005,000


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