Crash grinder passed the springs between two grinding wheels on a rotating table. The grinding wheels are a fixed distance apart from each other and the springs are compressed slightly by entrance guiding plate as they enter the wheels. The springs fall out after passing through the wheels. The cut length is according to the wheel height adjustment and grinding time. For the springs that requires two passes through the grinding wheels, you can choose double head grinder with 4 wheels to segment the grinding into two steps “ Rough grinding” and “Finish grinding”.


Model No.SEG-300-2CSEG-380-2CSEG-405-4CSEG-660-4CSEG-915-4C
Grinding Wheel (pcs)22244
Grinding Wheel Diameter (mm)300380405660915
Max. Spring Outer Diameter (mm)35608080200
Wire Diameter Range (mm)0.8~2.01.5~3.52.0~7.02.0~10.35.0~12.0
Spring Length Range (mm)5~1505~15020~30020~30050~300
Production Rate (pcs/min) 20~5020~508~2030~802~25
Rotating Plate Speed (rpm)
0.25~1.50.25~1.50.25~1.50.17~0.5Max. 0.5
Grinding Stone Speed (rpm, 60Hz)
Spring Verticality (degree)
≤ 1 (depends on the actual size) ≤ 1 (depends on the actual size) ≤ 1 (depends on the actual size)≤ 1 (depends on the actual size)  ≤ 1 (depends on the actual size)
Power Supply
220V/380/400/415/440V, 3 phase 220V/380/400/415/440V, 3 phase 220V/380/400/415/440V, 3 phase220V/380/400/415/440V, 3 phase 220V/380/400/415/440V, 3 phase 
Machine Dimension (mm)
Machine Weight (kg)



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