Product Name : Spring Testing Machine SLT-W50I
Product Description
  • The software consists of function modules such as speed control, parameter input, data processing, result observation, record retrieval, chart display & print, data storage
  • Diversified Testing Methods: Test of residuals height or deformation of spring under preset testing load. Test of testing load under preset height or deformation of spring
  • Multiple Points Data Auto-Collection: Avoid the impact of spring stress on the testing data; the total testing process is completely automatic.
  • Over load protection and thus keep the load cell free of damage
  • Powerful data-processing and statistic functions are able to plot stiffness curve, calculate spring segment stiffness, plot the normal distribution curve, and calculate the index of process capability
Model SLT-W50I SLT-W100I SLT-W200I SLT-W500I SLT-W1000I SLT-W2000I
Max. load (N) 50N 100N 200N 500N 1000N 2000N
Max. stroke distance (mm) 350
Machine dimension (mm) 450X600X1200
Machine weight (Kgs) 90

Model SLT-W5000I
Max. load (N) 5000N
Max. stroke distance (mm) 650
Machine dimension (mm) 600X400X1600
Machine weight (Kgs) 200
The specifications are subject to change without notice.