More options for tube benders

With profound experience in design, assembly, and software, SIMCO provides the most suitable and universal tube benders for customers, meeting the technical demand in different industries such as automobiles, furniture, shipbuilding, heat and cold exchangers, aerospace industry, sporting goods, medical equipment, etc...

Hybrid series is the most common in all industries, with the combination of servo and hydraulic systems, it can be equipped with additional axes and multi-stack mold according to the customer's technical requirements. We also offer the economical option for less complex tube bending. 2 axes for Feeding and Rotating, a high-end PLC controller, and a user-friendly interface.

To cater to the demands of automation, SIMCO has developed advanced tube benders with all servo systems for complex tube bending products. LR series allows left and right-hand bending in one machine. Spin Head (LRS) models provide collision avoidance solutions, suitable for symmetric and easy interference items. Compared with the Hybrid series, All-servo is equipped with more advanced software and a control system, which features easy operation, fast speed, high precision, and good stability, eliminating inconsistency and maintenance issues of the hydraulic system.

SIMCO provides complete tube bending solutions according to your requirement. Partnering with us, you will receive professional technical support and outstanding product quality.