Experience our new CNC Wire Bending Machine!

SIMCO's newest wire-bending machine can efficiently and reliably manufacture a variety of auto parts, including float valves, oil hoses, seat frames, exhaust pipes, and headrest posts. The machines have three series, each with its own unique features and manufacturing capabilities.


R Series:

The R series is suitable for various manufacturing applications, including seat frames, car door locks, and supermarket trolleys. This series can be in conjunction with the end forming machine(NH-13S) to achieve one-time molding, ensuring excellent stability and precision. The wire feeding accuracy of the R Series can reach 500±0.05mm.


OR Series:

The OR series is designed for bending both wires and pipes. It is ideal for various applications, including headrest rods, oil pipes, sun visors, and seat frames. One notable feature of the OR series is its decoiler flexibility, as it supports both coil and bar stock materials. With the coil decoiler, the machine can perform traction and straighten before bending. Additionally, the OR series offers the option to mount metering devices on both ends enhancing its versatility.


DR Series:

The DR series is capable of bending both ends of a wire simultaneously, reducing the time required for producing symmetrical parts. It offers high-speed production for not only symmetrical parts but also asymmetrical parts. The series features a special feeding method that minimizes wire torsion, ensuring stability during the bending process. The DR series finds applications in various areas, such as car seat frames, seat back bows, and the production of automotive foam steel wire.



SIMCO's wire-bending machines each offer unique advantages,whether you need precise and stable molding for seat frames and car door locks with the R series, the flexibility to bend wires and pipes for headrest rods and oil pipes with the OR series, or the simultaneous bending capability for symmetrical and asymmetrical parts with the DR series, SIMCO has the solution for you.


For all your wire-bending needs, SIMCO is here to provide expert evaluation and support. Contact us today to discuss how to enhance your manufacturing processes and deliver outstanding results.