How to select a suitable spring machine

Mechanical springs are practically everywhere, from mattresses and consumer products to industrial machinery. It is not difficult to manufacture springs, but it is not easy to manufacture high-quality springs, maintain a stable quality and output during the production process, and with good after-sales service.


Usually, spring manufacturers may pay more attention to the quantity and stable output of springs, but for some specific industries, they may pay more attention to type than quantity. How to select your perfect spring machine, here are a few tips to share:


  1. Define your needs: Every spring company has different needs. Some focus on quantity output, while others focus on the output type. For the machine manufacturer to quickly screen out suitable machines for you in the first step. You need to know the type of spring you want, the daily production quantity you need, which material is used on the spring, and its diameter range.


  1. Select a reliable and professional manufacturer: It is not difficult to produce quality springs nowadays, but it is possible to maintain the quality during rapid production and get immediate response and support when encountering problems, and there are complete training and professional windows, it's not every manufacturer can do so. Selecting high-quality manufacturers can greatly reduce subsequent costs in the long run. On the contrary, the costs will be considerable.


  1. Sample testing service: the main parameters of the spring machine determine the performance of the selected spring machine, so testing the feasibility of the spring machine equipment through samples can reduce errors and meet customer needs.


Most buyers expect the machine price to be as low as possible, but it is equally important to choose a high-quality supplier. SIMCO has more than 30 years of experience in spring machine sailing, all our machines are made in Taiwan, and the quality is guaranteed. In addition to the spring machines, we also have abundant resources and experience in tooling and wire.