How to reduce spring tooling wear to Improve quality?

By following these steps, you can identify and reduce spring machine tool wear, improving the quality of finished products and increasing efficiency in manufacturing processes.


  1. Perform Regular Inspections: Regularly inspect the machine tooling for wear and tear, visible damage, or changes in performance.


  1. Optimize Machine Parameters: Optimize parameters, such as speed, feed rate, and pressure to reduce heat and friction, which are the primary causes of machine tool wear.


  1. Implement a regular maintenance schedule: Including cleaning, lubrication, and replacement of worn parts, to extend the lifespan of the spring machine tooling.


  1. Proper Clamping and Fixturing: This ensures that the workpiece is held securely in place and the tool is not subjected to excessive force, reducing wear on the machine tool.


  1. Right Material Selection: Selecting the right material to manufacture springs can extend tooling life. Hard materials provide better wear resistance, but they may also be brittle. Therefore, careful material selection is necessary.


  1. Proper Training: Properly train machine operators to handle and maintain the tools, reducing unnecessary wear and tear.