What is the timeline mode of The spring forming machine?

The timeline software is specifically designed for SIMCO’s spring-forming machines. The operator can seamlessly reorganize the actions of the machine by simply dragging the timeline. Through the effect of parallel tasking, production capacity can therefore be greatly increased.


The following example is to demonstrate the benefit brought by using timeline software.


Before Using The Timeline Drag Function: The time required for production is 1.219 seconds.


After Using The Timeline Drag Function: The time required for production is reduced to 0.699 seconds. The production capacity is increased by 74.3%.


SIMCO camless spring forming machines and SFX series spring forming machines are equipped with timeline software, which not only greatly increases the production of springs, but also improves the work efficiency and satisfaction of the operator.

To meet customers' demands for faster, more precise, and more complex spring production, SIMCO Programming Studio will keep pace with the times and continuously develop advanced functions. The new version of the software can be obtained by online download and is provided to customers for free updates.

SIMCO has accumulated rich experience in designing and manufacturing spring-forming machines since the earliest two-axis cam spring-forming machine era. We are happy to provide customers with a full range of spring-forming machine solutions to help you solve any problems related to the production of springs.